First Aid

Common issues that our patients experience include:

Loose/broken appliances/wires poking – when not corrected, these can cause cavities and discomfort! Call our office immediately to discuss your problem and schedule an office visit.

Swollen gums and periodontal problems – when teeth and gums are not cleaned adequately, the gum tissue will become more and more sore and swollen and will appear to be “growing” over the braces. If this condition is severe, it may lead to receding gums and gradual loss of bone around the teeth. Focus on brushing and flossing better, even if the area bleeds when doing so. Warm salt water rinses several times a day will also help to solve this problem. If the tissue does not appear to be improving or is worsening, call us to schedule a check.

Cavities – this can easily occur if you are not effectively cleaning and flossing your teeth. “White scars” on the teeth are also a result of poor dental hygiene. Review your food and drink list of items to avoid. Remember, the most damaging items can be drinks high in sugar and acid.

Accidental injury – if you experience any sports or other related injuries, please contact our office for further consultation on what to do for your particular situation. You may also consult with your general dentist or hospital emergency room if a tooth has been knocked out or a laceration to the lips or cheeks has occurred.

Jaw pain and clicking – occasionally, problems may occur in the jaw joints and associated muscles. Earaches and headaches are also related complaints. Multiple factors are usually responsible for these problems, so call Dr. Shackleton to discuss further.

Lost retainers – call us to schedule a time to replace your retainer.

Teeth will move if retainers are not being worn as instructed. Do not delay calling for this appointment.

If you decide that you are experiencing an Orthodontic Emergency, call 502-637-2900 to obtain the emergency phone 
number for Dr. Shackleton. She will help you determine how the situation should best be handled

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